26. Mai 2021 Mina Faizi

Where is this homeland really?

Mina Faizi.Quelle: Wave of Hope for Future

Ein Gedicht aus Lesbos

Where is this homeland really?

We are holding our body and spirit in our hand.

We leave everything behind.

We have passed over endless borders and mountains.

We have crossed the border illegally, we have been shot at for being refugees, we have been set on fire and we have drowned in the sea.

We slept at night in the deserts and forests with our heads resting on rocks instead of pillows.

We spent our nights behind the closed borders without food and water.

We sought refuge in the land of others in search of justice and humanity.

Yes, we are human, but they have changed our name to Refugee.

Anyone with white or black skin or brown or blond hair who see me ask where is your homeland?

But we have embraced death and lost hope in camps like purgatory and like autumn flowers.

We have bought death in pursuit of security.

Yes, these pains and wounds are our destiny.

Ah, where is my homeland? We are broken and destroyed.

One is drowning in the sea, one is hungry in a camp, one is on a homeless street.

Our children play with dirt and garbage instead of paper and pens.

We live in cold, dark tents and hope for a better future.

But we still do not know where our homeland is.

And we have become stateless because of differences in race, ethnicity and religion.

Also I am homeless because I am a woman, slightly different from the man with long hair and delicate skin, more brittle than glass, harder than stone.

Oh, where is this homeland really?

Mina Faizi (22 Jahre) stammt aus Afghanistan. Sie ist Mutter einer 4-jährigen Tochter. Auf der Flucht vor Krieg und Verfolgung und der Suche nach Sicherheit für sich und ihre Angehörigen, ist Mina mit ihrer Familie über den Iran nach Europa geflüchtet. Seit September 2019 warten sie unter sehr schwierigen und prekären Lebensbedingungen auf Lesbos darauf, dass sie weiterreisen dürfen.

Mina Faizi bei Wave of Hope for Future

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